Scholar's India Trust

Donate Us

What The donor get in return?

  1. Welcome kit: membership and donation details with receipt .
  2. Quarterly news letter: An email update on the various initiative and inspiring stories.
  3. Bi-annual report: A pan India bi annual report from various project site of the Trust.
  4. Tax Exemption under section 80G of IT act 1961
  5. Self satisfaction: Inner satisfaction and infinite well wishes from the children.

How to spend

  1. 85 percent of the donation the Trust receives are used the implementation of these initiatives on the ground.
  2. 10 percent of the donations raised will be spent to strengthening the support system at various level that helps in the monitoring and evolution of these initiatives.
  3. 5 percent of the funds will be used in activities that help Trust to mobilize resources that can guarantee a long terms support to such initiatives.