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Founder Desk

Education, as we all know is paramount importance in the modern times. It is the fundamental right of every citizen, but with the rapid global changes in the society, the modern education appears to have been highly commercialized and the educational institutions are functioning more as trading centres then a temple of education.

The educational instituions are charging exorbitant fees from the students in the name of quality education and ultramodern facilities therein. This inevitably weighs heavy on the students as well as the guardians / the parents who are at times unable to pay the fees regularly on time and on many occasions even for a longer duration because of some inevitable financial strain.

For such lapses the students as well as guardians often undergo deep and other students. at times they also face physical tortune by some inhuman teachers or the instructors. Such depression and tortune often get translated not into discontinuance or termination of the students academic carrier but also suicide by more sensitive ones.

To cope up with this monstrous problem our organisation "Scholar's India Trust" has vowed to help such needy and deserving candidates by providing them scholarships and payment of the fees etc by collecting funds from the generous contributors as "Swabhimaan Fund" of the Scholar India Trust.

It is our humble request to every individual and the educational institution to inform us the details of the such needy and deserving students, so that they maybe considered for the required help.

We are looking foreword for your kind support and cooperation by contibuting generously to "Swabhimaan Fund" of the "Scholar Trust India"/

Let us put our joint effort to make every child educated to make our country a better nation.


Sweta Singh


Scholar India Trust